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Joining a Serving Leader Cohort is your opportunity to learn The 5 Actions of a Serving Leader and begin to apply them in your organization. Not only will you be led through exercises and case studies to help you immediately apply the actions of a serving leader in your particular organization, but you will also have access to an experienced facilitator who has helped other leaders across the country successfully embed the actions into their companies. Regional Serving Leader Cohorts are held in several cities around the U.S. and provide the opportunity for you to learn The 5 Actions℠ alongside other like-minded, local leaders who want to better themselves and grow their organizations through Serving Leadership.

Serving Leader Cohorts also are available for teams at your organization. Holding a cohort within your organization offers the opportunity to not only train and develop an entire team at the same time, but also hold open discussions and workshops in which your team members learn and grow alongside each other as they work to embed serving leadership principles across the organization. The training is dedicated specifically to your organization and its needs, and your unique mission, vision, values, culture and human capital.

In The Serving Leader Cohort, you will:

  • Receive an assessment of your leadership and business situation
  • Complete an in-depth study of the 15 key leadership behaviors of a serving leader
  • Develop a plan to apply the leadership behaviors to your situation
  • Enjoy invigorating round-table work sessions to quickly sharpen your plans
  • Establish strong leader-to-leader relationships of accountability and trust
  • Master best practices in building a culture of high worker engagement
  • Establish your breakthrough goal to get you to the next level

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“The Serving Leader training changed my life and my company.”

CEO, $400m Manufactuer

“In addition to improving my leadership effectiveness I gained lifelong friendships.”

Owner, $425m Service Company

“Spending quality time with John was worth every penny and minute invested.”

Deputy CEO, 2nd Largest Bank in China


Serving Leader Workshops focus on one of The 5 Actions℠ covered in a Serving Leader Cohort.  This allows you to explore an Action that is relevant to your organization’s goals and needs.  Delivered as either a half- or full-day session, a Serving Leader Workshop is a great way to introduce and embed Serving Leader principles into your organization.  If you are new to Serving Leadership and not yet ready to dive into a Cohort, a Workshop allows you to test the waters of Serving Leadership.

Delivered in a half-day or full-day format, workshops include:

  • Raise the Bar – Embed your values and build a culture of performance in your organization.
  • Ethics and Decision Making – How Serving Leaders make great decisions.
  • Upend the Pyramid – Fix your delegation and training issues once and for all.
  • Build on Strength – Know your people, position them well, build strong teams.
  • Communication and Conflict – Accelerate understanding, channel tensions into results.
  • Run to Great Purpose – Give your people a job worthy of their very best.
  • Blaze the Trail – Sharpen your company’s focus around your greatest value creation.

To learn more about Leadership Workshops:

Contact John Chapman at: or 1.855.299.0100