John works with leaders to help them make small changes in behavior that add up to big, long-lasting results.

Popular Keynote topics that turn INSPIRATION into ACTION:

Turning Common Sense into Common Practice

  • Discover the Serving Leader Model that is transforming individuals, teams, and organizations worldwide.
  • Learn how small, practical changes produce big results.
  • Hear how leaders are applying serving leadership to change their industries, improve bottom-line results, and make a difference in the world of their employees, clients, and communities.

Leaders: It’s Time to Grow Up!

  • Learn how great leaders grow character and fulfill their calling.
  • Discover common pitfalls of leadership – and how to rise again if you fall.
  • Take care of yourself, so you can have a long life of positive contributions.

“This is a book I couldn’t put down. A book aimed at the the heart, where all good leadership starts.”

Author of bestselling book, Leadership Is An Art

From Leadership to Legacy

  • Discover practical steps to prepare yourself and your organization for a successful future.
  • Hear how other leaders “let go” and multiply their impact exponentially.
  • Learn why succession planning is really success planning – do it or die.

Great Purpose: The Missing Ingredient

  • Discover the power of defining your organization’s Great Purpose.
  • Learn how Great Purpose increases employee engagement, organizational results, and customer satisfaction.
  • Hear moving stories of real-world leaders who give their people the gift of meaningful work and a purpose worth serving.

Bridging the Millennial/Boomer Workforce Gap

  • Understand the workforce challenges associated with Millennials, Gen-Xers, and Baby Boomers.
  • Discover how Great Purpose creates alignment and unity, regardless of age or generational identity.
  • Learn how to attract and retain the best performers across all demographics.

“As a leader, I need more than theory and bumper sticker slogans.
The 5 ActionsSM in The Serving Leader has provided this for me. I now have the tools to take action, not just talk about ideas and concepts.”

TAD DOUCE, Vice President, META Solutions


Recent Keynotes and Workshops

CGI Spring Expo, 2016

DYAC Financial Conference, Nov. 2015

PHRA Conference, 2016

“Bringing The Serving Leader into Industrial Scientific underscored the core disciplines that fuel our success—growing our people, raising high standards, providing compelling purpose for deeply worthy work.”

KENT McELHATTAN, Chairman, National Safety Council Chairman and Co-Founder, Industrial Scientific Corporation


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1 The Online Serving Leader Course will be available during the Spring of 2017.2 The Keynote Partner Program requires co-marketing and promotion of the online course before, during and after the conference. Revenue sharing will be based on a unique promo code provided to all conference attendees. Chosen package fee and expenses still apply.

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