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If you are new to the Serving Leader model, or desire to strengthen your understanding of its principles, this easy-to-read and engaging parable is your first step. The second book in the acclaimed Ken Blanchard series (called “powerful testimony” by Brad Orr, CEO of John Burnham & Co) is both a practical guide for effective leadership and a book about the personal journey of growth that real leadership requires.


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“When I was looking for a teachable way to transform leadership and culture at the Cleveland Clinic, I chose The Serving Leader. It started a transformation that continues to this day.”

Former Chief Human Resources Officer, Cleveland Clinic. Principal, Green Summit Partners
“Bringing The Serving Leader into Industrial Scientific underscored the core disciplines that fuel our success—growing people, raising high standards, and providing a compelling purpose for deeply worthy work.”

Chairman, National Safety Council, and Chairman, Cofounder, Industrial Scientific Corporation


To support and enhance the adoption of the Serving Leader model in your organization or community, a custom edition of The Serving Leader can be designed and tailored to meet your specific needs. In addition to the existing content, you will have the opportunity to add a custom forward and epilogue, and we can work with you to create a specially-designed book cover. A custom edition will provide you with an additional tool to easily distribute the core themes, messages, and principles of Serving Leadership across your entire organization.

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Help to better understand and apply the practices required to be an effective Serving Leader in the 21st century. Whether you are a leader or an aspiring one, this book breaks down essential leadership traits through reflection on the five behaviors of The Serving Leader and how successful leaders have applied them in their own work and classroom settings.

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In this inspiring leadership fable, Dr. John Stahl-Wert and Ken Jennings draw on their years of experience as consultants and chief executives, as well as on findings from Gallup’s ground-breaking Q-12 survey, to lay out a leadership model that will turn employees from dutiful drones to committed contributors.

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Serving Leader 360

At the Center for Serving Leadership, we believe that real results should be the result of your leadership development investment. Seeing the results of your investment means measuring before and after. Serving Leader 360 assessments survey your direct reports and peers to find the areas in your professional life where there is room for growth, and where you have already developed and grown. Confirm that your investment has paid dividends and get a 360 view of your leadership growth potential and impact.

Profit Environment

See how leadership development investments at your organization lower costs and increase both productivity and bottom line profitability. Profit Environment is a company or department-wide assessment tool, based on research by David Maester, that shows causality between leadership development and training investments and increases to the bottom line of an organization. Profit Environment’s interactive dashboard not only shows you how your organization stacks up to other companies in areas like trust and customer focus, it also lets you run “What if?” scenarios to see what the return on your investment can be in the future.