“Are we stronger together than we are apart?” This is the question that Rick Newton and John Stahl-Wert asked each other in late 2013. After a year of exploring this question, the answer was “yes,” and a vision to transform leadership worldwide was born. At the beginning of 2015, Newton Consulting, a global business consulting firm, acquired John’s company, Serving Ventures, to create the Center for Serving Leadership, a division of Newton Institute, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Newton Consulting, LLC.

Rick, the president and founder of Newton Consulting, places significant importance on the company’s core value of Serving Leadership, and he aspires to make vision a reality for all of the clients that Newton Consulting serves. Rick believes that “The success of any human endeavor depends on the quality of leadership at the helm.” By partnering with John Stahl-Wert, Newton Consulting and the Center for Serving Leadership are transforming leaders worldwide – one person, one organization, one community at a time, while, at the same time, making vision a reality for all those served.

Newton Consulting, headquartered in southwestern Pennsylvania, with offices in Chicago and London, provides customer-focused, values-driven strategy, people, projects, and technology solutions to medium-sized and Fortune 1000 companies in a wide variety of industries.

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