Co-founded and led by recognized thought leader Dr. John Stahl-Wert, president of Newton Institute and co-author of The Serving Leader, the Center for Serving Leadership provides practical, hands-on leadership development services based on The 5 Actions℠ in The Serving Leader. The Center unites this uniquely compelling resource with a team of renowned facilitators to deliver excellent training programs and solutions to support our mission of Serving Leaders to Serve the World℠.

The Center for Serving Leadership is strategically located at the Sagamore Institute, an Indianapolis based action-oriented Think Tank.

Our Great Purpose:

At Center for Serving Leadership, we envision a world in which serving is the trademark of leadership. This is why we are dedicated to creating a flourishing community that awakens, aligns and equips leaders with practical tools that will allow them to measurably improve their organizational performance and human well-being.


When Rick Newton, the founder of Newton Consulting, wanted Serving Leadership to be one of his core values, he had no idea that the journey he started in 2003 would culminate in a partnership with Dr. John Stahl-Wert. That partnership was formalized at the beginning of 2015 when Newton Consulting acquired John’s company, Serving Ventures, to form the Center for Serving Leadership. The Center for Serving Leadership fulfills the dreams of these two industry leaders. For Rick Newton, it provided a way to make practical a mantra he and his company practiced every day: “The success of any human endeavor depends on the quality of leadership at the helm.” For Dr. John Stahl-Wert, it provided the resources necessary to scale his unique thought leadership to a worldwide audience. Together, they are transforming leaders worldwide – one person, one organization, one community at a time.

Rick Newton Team Center for Serving Leadership

Rick Newton
Newton Consulting
Founder & President


At The Center for Serving Leadership, our core values drive everything we do.

Why is this important?

Our values set us apart from other leadership development organizations. How we deliver our services is just as important as the services we deliver. Because our values are embedded into our everyday practices, they form the basis of trust with customers and raise the bar for our employees. And we ask that every customer, partner, and employee hold us accountable to them.

We exceed our customers’ expectations in everything we do.
Our actions align with our words. We walk where we talk, and we always keep our promises.
We treat every person in every situation with honesty and respect. We value humanity above human achievement.
We provide training, solutions, and resources that are easy to understand and apply in the real world.
We will provide only the highest quality products and services to our customers.
We manage your resources as if they were our own. We can be trusted with time, talent, and treasure.
There must be a direct link between doing what is right and desired outcomes.

“The principles found in John Stahl-Wert’s best-selling book, The Serving Leader, lend exceptional support to leaders seeking transformation in their personal lives and in their organizations. I fully endorse the Center for Serving Leadership and invite you to take advantage of the superior leadership-management resources it offers.”

Frances R. Hesselbein

President and CEO, The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute

1998 Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient

Fortune Magazine’s World’s 50 Greatest Leaders

“From energy and steel to technology and healthcare, Western Pennsylvania is known for its innovation and contributions worldwide. Add to that list the Serving Leader movement and the Center for Serving Leadership… It has been a great privilege to work with the Center for Serving Leadership in this extraordinary effort.”

Dr. Henry Cloud

Best Selling Author, Syndicated Radio Host, Leadership Expert and Coach